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Sylveon are transgender.






Trans flag



That makes sense, considering it evolves from Eevee, a dominantly male species, and the concept- ribbons, fairies, etc. are all considered “feminine”

This is a bit uncanny

Eevee doesn’t change gender when evolving into Sylveon. They remain the same all the way through. Not to mention it’s not like they’re all male and look female or anything - They can be either gender, and there’s literally no difference between the two. Not to mention that saying any effeminate man MUST be trans is really stupid and offensive.
If any pokemon was going to be labeled as transgender, it would be Marill (which can actually change genders when it evolves from Azurill).
But guess what? Even THAT is a natural phenomenon that happens in some animals that has nothing to do with our human mentality or physiology.

I mean come on people grow the fuck up and leave these outdated mindsets behind

you do realize that “biological sex” has nothing to do with gender right? gender is a social construction so marill’s biological sex changing wouldn’t make Marill trans and we don’t label ourselves based on things like that - you’re the one who has “outdated mindset” that biological sex = gender

no one saying that “anything effeminate” must be trans for fuck’s sake. people can have trans headcanons. do you honestly think you know more about trans people than actual trans people. spoiler alert: you don’t. you don’t at all.

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    the only thing that makes me angry is your comment
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    Reblogging because Gamefreak may be LGBTQ-positive
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    I can’t even see this post properly coz mobile Tumblr sucks, but it said it was making cis people angry so I’m...
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