radscum need not apply
Just so you know, with Reddit, it's not the d00dbro paradise people make it out to be. Reddit is 48% female, only 68% American, and less than a third of users are college-aged (18-25). Thing is, when you put 21 million people on one website and basically let them do whatever they want, there will certainly be some shitty subreddits. They make up a really tiny percentage of the userbase though. The worst one, TheRedPill, is only 0.04% of the userbase. On the biggest subs, bigots get banned.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just an avid Redditor who knows that the stereotypes about it aren’t true. Assholes tend to stick to their own subreddits and the rest of Reddit hates them and calls them out on their bigotry. They are far from the majority on there.

TumblrinAction is a WHOLE reddit board devoted to posting links to sj tumblr posts and blogs without people’s consent and often results in harassment and bigotry and the redditor creators haven’t done shit. They regularly allow bigotry to happen on their site and do nothing about it. The creators have allowed all kinds of awful shit to go down on their site (creepshots anyone). Tumblr also has assholes and the creators here could also be a lot better about banning people and taking them down, but as far as I know, unlike tumblr, reddit does not have a strong social justice community.

I don’t agree that they make up a tiny percent of the userbase. There’s no way whole boards like tumblrinaction aren’t populated by lots of people. They have sent thousands of people to my blog daily - my statcounter proves it.

I think reddit is a dudebr0 paradise. Unlike tumblr and other sites, there’s very little accountability. You’re anonymous and can do anything—places like that are a free for all for oppressive scumbags which is why reddit has the reputation it has. Don’t pretend otherwise

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    I’m pretty sure I have a vagina (last I checked) and I actively post on TumblrInAction. I am not a dudebro. I just see...
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    Oh no, there are plenty of Social Justice types on Reddit. Reddit just won’t ban anything unless it’s illegal or gets...
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    Clearly you know nothing on Reddit’s SRS if you are saying there is no strong social justice community. In fact,...
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    "ONLY" 68% American? That’s like 67% more American than necessary.