your token crazy enby bisexual jew




if you make a queer character or character you are hinting at being queer:

do not and i repeat DO NOT make them a murderer/serial killer

please please please do not

we have seen enough of that

it’s not original

it’s been done A LOT before


People who are part of the LGBT community (like me) are people also. For most of them, their sexual orientation is only part of them. They are not, and should not be, defined by who they find hot. LGBT people are just that, people. You can get gay sexists, straight sexists, bisexual serial killers, straight serial killers, transsexual rapists, and straight rapists. YOU are the one making a big deal about this.

Plus, out of all the villains in all of history, what percentage of them have been straight? By your account, this would harm the straight community, as this clearly shows that all straight people,are all villains? And I’m sure that you don’t think that, because that’s just plain stupid.

Except that I think we have our bases covered with unrepentantly evil queer people? Like the amount of villains with queer traits WAAAY out number the amount of evil people in real life with those traits? Especially considering we make up a small minority of the population.

We ARE defined in part by our sexual orientation. It’s a PART of who we, not all of who we are but an IMPORTANT part of who you are. To pretend as if a queer person’s experience doesn’t differ from a straight person’s is disingenuous. There definitely are gay sexists, but you have too many portrayals of gay men who are implied to be misogynistic because they are gay. You have too many people who are patholgoized in the media for being queer. And the amount of straight serial killers and rapists GREATLY outnumbers any trans or LGB ones, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the media. That’s the problem. The mythology is that we are violent, sadistic or messed up in the head, meanwhile we’re much more likely to be victims.

Like you sound like someone arguing against making weak female characters by saying: but there are passive weak submissive women! Sure there are! But we’ve seen plenty of them in the media already. So how about some strong-willed, assertive ones for a change?

Of course a large percentage of evil people have been straight! Over 90% of people IN GENERAL are straight, so how could most villains not be straight unless you want to argue that being queer makes you more likely to be a villain?

Of course I’m making a “big deal” about it (but I’m not the first to do so!), because the evil queer people in the real world are a drop in the bucket just looking at the small percentage of the world we make up and yet the media makes it look like we take up a huge amount of the evil in the world or that evil people share our traits. If you think that’s not fucked up or that’s not inaccurate or problematic than I don’t know what to say to you. Have fun living in your delusional bubble then.

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