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you know what other terms are made up?





"reverse racism"






Trans* people came up with the term cis about twenty years ago to describe people who are not trans. That’s all. Because until recently, being trans was considered a disease by psychologists. Similar to how homosexuality was seen as a psychological illness.

I know you’re used to privileged people like yourself controlling language. But guess fucking what? That’s starting to change. You called us “homosexuals” we came up with “gay” and reclaimed “queer.” You said we had “gender identity disorder” we came up with “trans*” and “genderqueer” i give 0 fucks if you have a problem with that.

It’s pretty obvious from this interaction who the hateful person is, I think. And who is incredibly ignorant…

"cis-sexual" isn’t a thing, btw. It’s cis gender

[also ableist as fuck up in here]

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