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Ah, so now we get the reason behind the question. It was sexism!

Idk, do you ever ask men if their attitudes about women have been shaped with THEIR relationships with women?

I’m guessing no. Although you should be asking that question. You should also be critical of why men act the way they do and talk about women the way they do

The things is, of COURSE my relationships with people have impacted who I am today. But you’re acting like I can’t separate my political opinions from my emotional experiences, which isn’t fair. And that plays into the sexist stereotypes about women that we’re inherently emotional, irrational creatures.. Well there’s that, but I think more core to your supposition here is that women are manhaters, that this is a common thing, that there’s many of us out here who was “burned” by an asshole or two and this irrevocably scarred us and made us “shun men.”

But this isn’t true of most women, I can guarantee this. In fact ,in my experience, it tends to be more true of men. Because women are seen as a minority—we’re stereotyped constantly, songs are written about how women is the devil, women is from hell, hell hath no fury, etc. etc. Women are crazy, blah blah

These kind of things are rarely said abotu men. And when they are, it often serves them. Like men can’t control themselves sexually around women, i.e. they aren’t held accountable for harassing women or raping them.

So when you ask that question, trying to ascertain why I have whatever opinion of men as a privileged group, you treat me like a child, you ignore what I have said re: my political reasons for opposing masculinity in a patriarchal society. You disregard what I say about myself and how I explain myself, and instead, try to psychoanalyze me. You play also into that stereotype that women do not know themselves or their desires or feelings and need a man or someone outside of them to analyze them.

And honestly, it doesn’t matter what I say about my relationships with men. Whatever I said, you’d use it against me somehow. If I said I’d never once had a boyfriend, you’d chalk my anger and hatred to an ignorance re: men. If I said I had many boyfriends and talked about how the relationships were all good, then you’d disregard my criticism and call me a hypocrite. If I said I was raped by a boyfriend, you’d use that against me too. If I said I’d only been in relationships with women, if I only had one long term relationship, if I etc etc etc etc you’d find someway to discredit me. Because you aren’t listening to me. You’ were sneakily trying to get information from me without revealing your intentions, so you could come up with whatever conclusion you would about me.

So excuse me if I don’t want to be cross-examined by a prosecuting attorney when I’ve done nothing wrong. When there is no probable cause. When I have explained myself again and again. Excuse me if I don’t want to submit myself to some Freudian bullshit about my father’s relationship with me or a gay boyfriend I used to have. What you’re doing is unfair and manipulative and disrespectful and sexist. So stop.

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