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leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

They did WHAT!?

oh no

this is a submission from korrathefirebender to theroguefeminist


I just want to say that I love your blog and actually one of the ways in which I found out about you was through a whining cis/het male redditor who was whining about you. So I told him that you sound like a wonderful human being and that thanks to him I’ll start following your blog. However, I have some constructive criticism for you. As someone who has struggled with self-harm, depression, thoughts of suicide and anxiety attacks from these experiences I don’t wish these onto anyone. Your image “die cis scum” is…well gives me the impression that it’s advocating for cis people to kill themselves. I myself am an aromantic heterosexual genderfluid bigender (I am heterosexual on those days that I am a girl) so I do occasionally say things like “omg cis people are annoying” and I don’t care if gay, bi, asexual and pan people say things like “fucking heterosexuals” because I understand that it’s coming from a place of anger and a) I need to correct my behavior, b) recognize my privilege as a heterosexual or c) understand that it’s coming from a place of anger at oppression and d) listen.

I don’t mean to sound like I am tone policing but again…I think that the “die cis scum” is…kind of triggering and well disrespectful to people who have struggled with suicide.

this is theroguefeminist’s response

I already addressed this point here: http://theroguefeminist.tumblr.com/post/83567380465/all-of-your-cisshate-is-triggering-me-c I myself also struggle with suicide ideation. As have cis friends of mine who do not take offense to my icon. You also conveniently ignore the fact that during this whole thing I’ve gotten real death threats and people telling me to kill myself.

This would be more of a valid point if it were my user name, because even if someone unfollows me, the text would show up if they saw a post reblogged from me, but literally if someone is triggered all they need to do is unfollow me and not visit my blog and they will never see the icon again. I don’t even intend on keeping it that much longer—maybe one more day. And I do not hold it against anyone if they unfollow me because they are triggered by my icon. I made that clear in that ask answer.

But i explain in my ask answer why I have this icon and it’s because my life itself is triggering and I can’t escape it. The icon has helped me cope with extreme transphobia I have faced. This blog is my space and I talk about my triggering life experiences here. I tag things as best I can but other people know that it’s not 100% safe here because of the hate I receive. You can unfollow me, but I can’t change the fact my life isn’t safe or that people keep sending me submissions and fanmail even though I closed my ask box and made it clear I don’t want messages right now. So I guess I’ll turn that off too. You don’t seem very respectful of my boundaries or space given you sent me this. If you unfollow, I will respect yours.

And my icon is not a call for cis people to kill themselves, just in case that wasn’t clear. Die cis scum is a slogan of sorts. I think most people understand it’s point and meaning. The only complaints I’ve gotten about it are oversensitive cis people, angry cis people who are being purposefully obtuse, and a couple messages about its triggering nature, which is fair and which I can’t hold against people if they unfollow for their self care. This icon is part of my self care. Hopefully you can respect my choices as I will respect yours.



theroguefeminist replied to your post: lol omg it isn’t bi erasure to say tha…

oh never mind - i’ve never seen anyone argue a character is canonically bi based on what you’re saying, the point is you can’t assume they’re straight kind of like how you can’t assume a character is cis - leaving room for headcanons

nah - like, I don’t care those readings and I think they’re the only thing we have left in the face of every character being straight and cisgender - but I don’t really think it counts. 

headcanons are great. headcanoning characters is lovely and fine but it isn’t progress and it isn’t representation.

I’m going to assume a character is straight because well, like, it is the only thing being shown to me! it is what the creators intend - and I’m not happy with that! I think pointing out the overwhelming amount of characters created as straight and cisgender is bad and that ‘you can’t assume they’re straight’ is honestly not going to change anything if we don’t point out that uh, they are straight. they only have straight relationships. 

Except I see bi people criticizing bi erasure all the time in the media? Like I’ve never seen a bi person (or trans person) try to credit an author with real representation due to a headcanon? The point is people assume other real people are straight all the time based on having attraction to what is perceived as “the opposite gender” i think you’re sort of missing the difference between challenging assumptions a character or person is straight and eliminating any possibility they could be bi versus actually thinking they are bi in text based on nothing

like maybe there are a few people who actually get that confused and believe that these characters really could be bi or intended that way, but most people I read who talk about this seem to know the difference and often talk about bi erasure in the media while also pointing out that you can never close the lid on the possibility for reading a character as bi

also in my opinion a few bi people actually thinking a character could possibly be bi is a lot less damaging than society as a whole just erasing our existence altogether which happens constantly

A Brochure on Safe Sex for Gay Jews- Approved by Rabbis



An information brochure that explains the prevention of HIV infection will be handed out to frum gay Jews. The rabbis approved the brochure, entitled ‘You shall guard,’ and the introduction in the brochure was written by a rabbi and  approved by other rabbis. 

Read the story

i also like how that person characterizes me commenting on the fact I have to close my ask box, and probably will have to change my icon like last time to avoid getting messages telling me to kill myself as “bitching”

even if someone made a bigoted icon i would not call that harassment

depending on what it said, it would arguably be an act of violence against a group of people given the reality of violence against marginalized groups (that does not exist toward privileged groups)

but it’s not harassment




but words are just meaningless symbols strung together

words don’t have the power to hurt you unless you give them that power!

didn’t y’all tell me that

so why are you crying about my icon????

"I’m offended by people telling me to go kill…

if you’re going to bitch about harassment and transphobia, then how can you have an icon that clearly harasses cis people and be cis-phobic and heterophobic, how can you possibly believe you are for social justice? Do you not see that you contradict yourself at every turn? That you are just one big hypocrite?

how can my icon harass people lol, do you even know the meaning of the word “harassment”

moses: let my people go
pharaoh: man what is WITH these sjws